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Added on 27/06/2007

I am so relieved because I finally got MemberSpeed!
But let me tell you - I had a tough past 24-36 hours ... JEEZ! The stress you guys put me through! ... I was petrified of the possibility of missing the deadline.

I actually struggled to fall asleep last night I was so excited! And now I can get to work. You see, until now I could only do the most basic of online programming ... spending hours to get various PAID services to work together for profit. Well those days are over. Thank Goodness ... and thank you guys!

Louis Breytenbach

Added on 27/06/2007

Jeremy & Simon You have really done an insane job with the MemberSpeed software! There is nothing out there like MemberSpeed.

A big thanks to you also for making it blind user friendly. I as a 100% blind person can now easily with a bit of help here and there bring out my own killing Websites!!

For the first time ever in my 3 year online carrier I know for sure that I will make big Cash with this! Yea! Your software has my highest recommendation!

Patrick Schuppe

Added on 27/06/2007

Hi Jeremy & Simon,

Having been dealing with Jeremy for many years as his affiliate I have found that he always over delivered.

Today I installed the CMS code and it was a breeze. Having been using Joomla for about a year now this platform is far superior and much easier to use and navigate.

I love the templates and the ease of configuration. Keep up the great work and with this tool, those that buy this program will surely profit.

Florida Internet Service Inc

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