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Added on 16/02/2010

Thank you for such a great product. Everything I need in one package to create my dream membership site!

Everything going smoothly thanks to your amazing customer support team!

Michael D'Abruzzo

Added on 01/11/2009

MemberSpeed will turn your ideas into actions.

The first feeling I have when I log into one of my MS powered membership site is that it was developed by marketers for marketers.

It truly allows me to convert any marketing idea I might have (setup a reseller program, allow members to rate content, create a JV network within the membership, add new content, add new level of memberships, insert some OTOs...) into a quick action that will add value for my members and increase my bottom line.

It's a chance we have such a system available when we have some marketing ideas we want to implement. MS makes it possible and easy to implement any business model you might think of.

My last membership has collected more than 1500 leads in less than 2 weeks and more than 75% of those were generated by the member themselves!

If you have an idea and you feel stuck with it, or you don't know where to start, MS is right for you.

JP Schoeffel

Added on 07/08/2009


Your Member Speed is amazing!

It is designed by Marketing Genious!

Also the quality of script is top level!

The best thing is Your support team. I've been using so many help desk from 2004. However your support team is top of the top.

The response is prompt, answer is accurate and you're staff is so friendly.

I am using your system for my majar membership sites.

I am very satisfy for your system and support team!

I recommend this system for all serious Internet Marketer!

thank you


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