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Added on 28/06/2007

G'Day, Simon and Jeremy!

When I joined your MME events, I thought I'd hit the Mother Lode. Now that I'm a MemberSpeed member, I have changed my mind. MME2 & 3 were great, but compared to MemberSpeed, last year's site is Fools Gold!

MemberSpeed ROCKS! You two have definitely outdone yourselves this time. Talk about over-delivery! The training videos are top shelf, and MemberSpeed looks to have a very gentle learning curve (unlike some other membership systems available).

I can't wait to sink my teeth into this enormous cornucopia of marketing goodness!


"If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!" -- Henry Ford

Mitch Selleck

Added on 28/06/2007

I knew that "web-based management" will be the wave of the future. Unfortunately I do not have the programming skill to create them.

I am glad that my good friends Jeremy and Simon took the challenge to come out with MemberSpeed.

I had a look at the modules and the features that comes with the package and I was speechless. Honestly, there is nothing out there that comes close to what you have created. It is a total turnkey Internet system that anyone having an Online business will need!

This is indeed a monster of a package and the best that you can get on the Internet...period!

Great job!

Richard Quek

Added on 28/06/2007

With a successful membership site of my own, I know just how much time and effort goes into compiling the contents... It took me over two months to setup everything including the affiliate management, autoresponders, different membership levels etc., and I also had to outsource some of the work.

So after seeing how simple and easy MemberSpeed is, I'm astounded at the ease at which you can setup a membership site. You can have it all up and running within hours and only spend one day per month on updating the contents! Amazing... I wish I could have had access to it earlier! Even a newbie can look ten times more professional with this outstanding solution.

You guys rock! Keep up great work.

Naveed Peerade

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