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Added on 01/03/2008

I have used several systems to run my membership site. It has driven me crazy to get my sites to do what I wanted them to do. Thank God for MemberSpeed. and I am blown away with the hard work you are putting in to additional features, etc.


Brad Dixon

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Added on 14/04/2008

It's not often that an internet marketer buys a product that truly fills them with awe. I have in my time been very under-whelmed with some of my purchases.

But....when I got hold of this software, I knew that from that point on things were going to change. We've all seen the giveaway software to create member sites - and it doesn't do much.

With Memberspeed I can create any type of membership site I want, in any niche, with more choices than you could ever need.

Simply the best!

Eddie Wolfe

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Added on 13/02/2008

Having just read the upgrade log for version 2.0, I am very excited by the enhancements but even more delighted to see that the issues and suggestions I have raised have been included.

It is really great to feel that I have helped but more importantly as a customer I was listened too!

From a career as a software developer/tester I moved into internet marketing and grabbed MemberSpeed at it's launch.

When I finally got around to using it 6 months later I was highly impressed at the time it saved me and the functionality.

I have concentrated on one main business venture with it but with the ongoing development of MemberSpeed and with all the plugin modules I will NEVER be using anything else to build my websites!

Richard Young

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